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Our ministries are the heartbeat of our church! We encourage everyone to get involved with one or more ministries to help cultivate life-giving relationships and community between the Body of Christ. 

If you see a ministry that you think you might be interested in joining or in volunteering to help facilitate, please click the "connect" button under that ministry so we can get you plugged in.

Men's Ministry, Delta Church
Men's Ministry

Throughout the Bible, men have had the roles of prophets, priests, judges, kings, apostles, evangelists, teachers, and preachers. Men are to shepherd and to care for God’s people. They are called to lead the church and the family by first submitting to and becoming a disciple of Jesus.

Women's Ministry

We desire to nurture relationships with one another as women of God by meeting together regularly - encouraging, supporting, and sharpening one another in love. Come be a part of what God is doing! 

Women's Ministry, Delta Church
Youth Ministry, Delta Church
Youth Ministry


  1. WONDER: God
    We believe that when students come in contact with God it leaves them in wonder and amazement which leads to deep and lasting change.

  2. DISCOVERY: Self
    When students live in the wonder and amazement of who God is and what He has done for His people this moves them to a discovery of who they are in Jesus.

  3. PASSION: Others
    We believe that when youth are discovering who they are in Jesus it creates an urgency to serve and live out the great commission to those around them.

Delta Youth Ministries exists to build up the next generation of middle and high school students to be disciples of Jesus who live in wonder of who God is, to discover who they are in Christ, and to have a passion for the lost and broken among them.

Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry team will come alongside parents to help them raise their children in Christ. We will be a support for the family unit by teaching kids the character of God and the story of the Bible. We will provide a source of friendship and fellowship for kids through growth and support in the life of the church.  

Children's Ministry Logo.png
Young Adult Ministry Logo.png
Young Adult

The transition into adulthood is great, but often, finding others facing the same challenges is can be difficult. This weekly Bible study and fellowship time meets this important need. You'll find acceptance, friendship, and genuine discussions on the Bible. 

Small Group Ministry

Click below to find out more about our small groups.

Small Group Ministry, Delta Church

Spiritual Gifts & Passions Assessment

This survey is designed to help you understand your God-given gifts and passions while getting connected to a Delta team.

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